Von Pferden, Gräesern, Sonnen, Menschen

for soprano, two mezzo-sopranos, tenor and baritone (2010, 9’)

first performance by VOCAALLAB, cond. Romain Bischoff, 12 September 2010, Muziekgebouw aan ‘IJ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The piece is a setting of a poem by Velemir Chlebnikov, in which the writer tells what horses, grass, suns and people do when they die: they snort, wilt, fade and - sing... What a wonderful thought: closing your eyes for the last time while singing.

The piece starts with small instruments that evoke the atmosphere of a stable in which horses slumber. Then, the poem unfolds in a slowly growing polyphonic chant. The piece finishes with a fragile chord of humming wooden boxes.

Von Pferden, Gräsern, Sonnen, Menschen was selected by the Dutch Toonzetters as one of the ten best Dutch premieres of the season 2010-11, and performed in the Toonzetters Festival / Holland Festival in June 2012, in the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam.

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