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Maat Saxophone Quartet - Renascer
Beautiful new CD by Maat Saxophone Quartet, with Marinissen's "Hungry, Thirsty" for saxophone quartet.

Further works by Carlos Paredes, António Carlos Costa, Daniel Ferreira, Nuno Lobo, Hugo Corrreia and Alejandro Erlich Oliva.
Arnold Marinissen Portrait CD #3: Fossils
Arnold Marinissen Portrait CD #3: Fossils: "Fossils" for piano and live electronics by Paolo Gorini (piano); "Variances" Stefan Gerritsen (guitar), Benjamin Kobler (piano), Dirk Rothbrust (percussion) and Maat Saxophone Quartet; Shutterspeed by Michel Marang (clarinet); and "Fallen Leaves No. 2: Blatt und Humus" by Fanny Alofs (voice), Katharina Gross (cello) and Stefan Gerritsen (guitar)
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Arnold Marinissen Portrait CD #2: BLINK
Arnold Marinissen Portrait CD #2:
Rapprochement by Ensemble SCALA; Extremely Unfavorable by Helena Rasker (voice) and Katharina Gross (cello), Four Gardens by Sven Hoscheit (vibraphone and aquaphone); Fleeting by Bence Major (glockenspiel), Laurent Warnier (vibraphone) and Rachel Zhang (marimba); BLINK B (tape music), Bell Garden by Frank Braafhart (trumpets), Jan Bastiani (trombone) and Arnold Marinissen (bells); Six Gardens by Ernestine Stoop (harp).
Arnold Marinissen Portrait CD #1: SPHINX
Von Pferden, Graesern, Sonnen, Menschen by Silbersee (vocal quintet); Sphinx by Katharina Gross (cello); Totem I & II by Ramon Lormans (marimba); La Pizia e la Marangona by Elisabeth Hetherington (voice); Guts I (tape music); Iron Velvet (percussion sextet)
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Katharina Gross & Luca Lucini - 14 JEWELS
Katharina Gross and Luca Lucini perform Marinissen’s Mestre Claudinei.

Further works by Alan Thomas, Radames Gnattali, Matteo Falloni and Manuel De Falla.Concertello Records CR007)
Works by Piet-Jan van Rossum, Louis Andriessen, Arnold Marinissen, Dugal McKinnon, Anthony Fiumara and Florian Magnus Maier (M Recordings/CRS)
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Works by Michael Chant, Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, Michael Gordon, Arnold Marinissen, David Lang and Anthony Fiumara (lp records 001)
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