"Without a problem to solve, how much interest do you take in anything?"
Duke Ellington
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"To be in the background means to occupy a different space from the foreground."
Katharine Norman
"The last thing I’d do is define myself. Tomorrow I could be the opposite of what I am today."
Karl Lagerfeld
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"Der Tanz ist das Ziel des Tanzes. Der Tanz entsteht durch das Tanzen."
Heinz von Foerster
"... the splinters of the cosmos I find in my tea"
I.K. Bonset/Theo van Doesburg
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"What it is is, you do what you do and pray that they like it..."
Woody Allen
"A work of art is never finished, it’s just abandoned."
Paul Valéry
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"... when you succeed in defining and cutting things off something, you thereby take the life out of them."
John Cage
"... art reach(es) its height at the moment of maximum resistance from the medium."
Clive James
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"Nothing is as temporary as contemporary."
Willem Frederik Hermans
"The best way to make dreams come true is to wake up."
Paul Valéry
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