Three Short Pieces

for violin & piano (2019, 5')

Three Short Pieces for violin and piano was written by Arnold Marinissen for the 2020 edition of the Nederlands Vioolconcours category Iordens B, and first performed by all participants on 18 January 2020 at HKU Utrecht.

The first piece, marked 'gioioso', offers three variations of a melody, cheerfully jumping up and down, with playful pizzicati in the second variation, and a pumping three point harmonic underpinning gradually appearing in the course of the piece. The second piece features a calm and lyrical melody, introduced by the violin, then picked up by the piano, accompanied by tender flautandi and some robust pizzicati in the violin, and darkened by three mysterious triads in the lowest register of the piano. The final piece is a boisterous dance in 7/8 metre, with a calmer middle section in 7/4 metre, in which the opening motif of the first movement reappears in slivers. At several points in the Three Short Pieces, an enigmatic high b in the violin and the piano draws the attention, without ever revealing its secret...

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