Six Gardens

for harp (2013, 17')

first performance as a tape piece: 20 July 2013, bellabayer, Hartberg, Austria
first live performance: Ernestine Stoop, 27 September 2015, harpACademy, Sandstedt, Germany

Six Gardens was written for the 2013 Garten & Kunst Festival at bellabayer, Hartberg, Austria. At bellabayer, several completely different entourages are created in a relatively compact garden, ranging from a lily field, a bamboo bush, a pond area, a shady hillside and a vegetable garden to a so-called Jause, where visitors can relax after their garden visit.

In Six Gardens, I have tried to create music that fits the atmosphere of each of those entourages, and to capture those moods so strongly that they remain intact when transported to a concert hall.

Many thanks to the phenomenal harpist Ernestine Stoop for her help and advice.

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