Mestre Claudinei

for cello and guitar (2015, 7’)

first performance: concertello / KunstGarten, Graz, Austria July 9th 2015, by Katharina Gross & Luca Lucini

The musical material of Mestre Claudinei, for cello and acoustic guitar, is based on a wonderful solo performance by the Brazilian berimbau player Mestre Claudinei. This performance was analysed and notated by Arnold Marinissen. The resulting particel forms the backbone along which the actual piece was constructed: Mestre Claudinei’s original playing is translated to cello and guitar, varied, embellished, accompanied, harmonized, and at several points obscured or entirely removed...

Mestre Claudinei was written in June 2015 for the occasion of the annual concertello festival in Styria, Austria. The first perfomance, by Katharina Gross (cello) and Luci Lucini (acoustic guitar), took place on 11 July 2015 in the historic Karner in Hartberg, Austria.

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