Ik maak schoon (I clean up)

for chromatic harmonica, percussion, piano, violin, viola, violoncello and double bass (2015, 8')

first performance: 6 February 2016, De Flint, Amersfoort, Netherlands

Ik maak schoon (I clean up) was written for the Dutch viola player Esther Apituley and her project Bach & Bleach, which toured the Netherlands in 2016, and was performed in New York City in 2019.

In Bach & Bleach, an ensemble consisting of chromatic harmonica, percussion, piano, strings and double bass / bass guitar plays a concert programme focusing on the chaconne. Central in the programme is J.S. Bach’s well-known Chaconne in d minor BWV 1004; around this landmark piece, other chaconnes old and new are grouped.

A theatre cleaner unwillingly becomes involved in the proceedings on stage, and cleaning becomes, next to the chaconne, the central theme of the performance.

In Marinissen’s Ik maak schoon, a six bars long incessant bass line supports a chain of variations on a sequence of 52 chords. The chromatic harmonica, as a secret soloist, soars high above the ensemble, perhaps cleaning the air from evil spirits...

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