for three percussionists (2014, 8’)

first performance: Taipei/Taiwan, National Recital Hall, June 28th 2014, by Insomnia Percussion Trio

In Fleeting for percussion trio, each of the players has nothing but one mallet instrument: a glockenspiel, a vibraphone and a marimba. A very clean
and transparent instrumentation, which implies a focus on pitch material, something I do not generally aim for in percussion.

While working on Fleeting I often thought about one of my favorite instrumental combinations, the string trio, which is so wonderfully democratic by
nature, and in which the lowest instrument is the violoncello. The five octave marimba covers almost exactly the same range. Obviously the vibraphone is perfect for the middle voice, and the glockenspiel is a brilliant soprano.

Fleeting is in sections, short and distinct, but always connected. The music drifts by, leaves a memory and makes room for new ideas. It is dedicated to the Insomnia Percussion Trio.

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