Eight Songs for Oneglia

for soundtrack solo, or soprano, flute, clarinet, percussion, keyboards, violin, cello & soundtrack (2012, 10’)

first performance: Rotterdam/The Netherlands, De Doelen, October 31st 2014, by Lunatree

Arnold Marinissen calls Eight Songs for Oneglia an imploded pop album. Although the piece lasts no more than 10 minutes, it consists of no less than eight songs and a reprise of the first song. The piece was written in Oneglia, the old part of the Italian city of Imperia, in the summer of 2012.

Just before that summer, Arnold Marinissen had acquired a smartphone and discovered a composing app called Music Studio. Although the interface was tiny, the possibilities were great. Arnold composed and produced the entire piece in Oneglia, with his smartphone and a pair of headphones only. Each day he made one song, and recorded the sounds of a specific area of Oneglia, also with his smartphone. Those sounds were used as intermezzi between the songs. All the songs and city sounds were transfered from the smartphone to Arnold’s computer, and without any further editing the piece was ready. The adaptation for ensemble was made in 2014-15.

The piece is dedicated to the memory of Oneglia and its warm Ligurian sea breeze.

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