for soundtrack and piano trio or ensemble (2016, reworked 2020, 13’)

Cumulus was originally written for soundtrack and pano trio, for the occasion of the 2017 Storioni Festival in Eindhoven. It was then reworked for soundtrack and an ensemble of ten, for TenToon Ensemble.

Claude Debussy’s Nuages, the first movement of his orchestral work Nocturnes, has served as a starting point and inspiration: it fired off the composition process, sets the initial mood for the work, and sound snippets from the work form the basis of the soundtrack of Cumulus. These snippets also provide an harmonic and melodic entourage for the music that Marinissen composed for ensemble - although the material and structure of Cumulus are entirely autonomous.

The original version was first performed by the Storioni Trio & Smartphone Orchestra, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, 28 January 2017.

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