for solo percussion (2017, 11’)

first performance: Fundación Juan March,. Madrid, Spain, November 12th-13th 2017, by Noè Rodrigo Gisbert

The composition of Bèrnia (11’) for solo percussion was triggered by a visit to the Serra de Bèrnia, a 11 kilometers long mountain range just outside the Spanish coastal town of Altea. The highest peak rising to some 1100 metres, the Serra de Bèrnia offers the mountain walker almost total seclusion, and at the same time wide views on the Mediterranean Sea and the densely populated coastline.

Bèrnia was written for Noè Rodrigo Gisbert’s programme ‘Landscapes’. It follows a walker on a hike across the mountain range, touching geological, climatological, botanical, animal and human aspects. It is a sister piece of Marinissen’s Variances; the two works were written in the same period and share their musical backbone.

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