Fossils I-VII

for piano and live electronics (2019-21, 30')

Fossils I-VII was written between April 2019 and May 2021. It can be performed as an autonomous work for piano solo, or with live electronics. In the latter case, the live electronics "fossilise" the piano music in various distinct ways, in real time.

While the electronic processing is not meant to resemble exact fossilisation processes, the following images sparked off the musical imagination.

In Fossil I, a variety of fossilised material crumbles from a cliff and is washed into the sea - or picked up by a beachcomber. In Fossil II, organic material is aggregated, compressed and dessicated over time. In Fossil III, the original substance vanishes, while the form remains.
In Fossil IV, an object is captured and solidified inside transparent matter, as in amber. Fossil V features some 600 enigmatic and corroded traces; ancient footprints of unknown origin.
Fossil VI emulates a violent clash, frozen in time. In Fossil VII, finally, the beachcomber patiently sorts out the scrappy collection of dishevelled findings.

Fossils I-VII was first recorded by Paolo Gorini on 31 May 2021 at Emile van Leenen Piano's, Leiden, The Netherlands. Fossils I, VI and VII were first performed on 21 June 2021, in Splendor Amsterdam.
© Arnold Marinissen 2024

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