Totem I & II for marimba (2015, 12’)

First performance by Ramon Lormans, marimba: Totem I @ Percussion Friends/ Splendor Amsterdam, August 18th 2015, Totem I & II @ Stratumseind Klassiek Eindhoven, 17 April 2016

In Totem, Arnold Marinissen creates a sequence of strong images, like animal and human faces on a totem pole. The result is poetic and somewhat unsettling at the same time. And just like the crafter of totem poles, the marimba player has to dig deep into the wood underneath his hands, in order to bring to life the spirit that is hidden inside.
Totem was written for Ramon Lormans. Movement I was premiered by him at Percussion Friends in Splendor Amsterdam on August 18 2015, the entire piece in his marimba recital at Stratumseind Klassiek Eindhoven on April 17 2016.