Synaps, Long, Knie, Voet, Mond for string trio (2005-6, 10’)

First performance: Amsterdam/The Netherlands, Rijksmuseum, October 26th 2007, by Prisma Strijktrio

Arnold Marinissen considers the string trio one of his favourite instrumental combination - perhaps surprising for a composer who started as a percussionist. This has to do with the compact and organic sound of the string trio, its huge ability to differentiate and blend, but also with its democratic nature. Nobody is the boss, like in the more hierarchic string quartet.
All five aphoristic movements of Synaps, Long, Knie, Voet, Mond have to do with the human body. In Synaps, short motifs are unceasingly fired back and forth between the three players. Long (Lung) breathes in and out. Knie (Knee) bends and stretches creakingly and squeakingly. In Voet (Foot), the trio steadily walks through a twelve tone row, turning it into chords along the way. In Mond (Mouth), finally, the violin bursts into song, the viola and cello accompanying it vigourously.
The five movements of Synaps, Long, Knie, Voet, Mond can be played as a suite, uninterruptedly and in the given order. However, they can also be spread out through a concert programme, in any order or combination.