Kleurenbruggen free instrumentation (2014, 6’)

First performance: Haarlem/The Netherlands, Philharmonie Haarlem, May 17th 2014, by Viola Big Band and guests, for Viola Viola Festival

Kleurenbruggen (Colour Bridges) was written for Esther Apituley and her Viola Viola Festival, which took place in Haarlem / The Netherlands in May 2014. The piece was originally conceived for a large ensemble with many viola players; the instrumentation is however completely free. To perform all movements, a minimum of eight musicians is required.
The piece consists of six short movements, each representing a colour:
Bloedrood (Blood red) / Gifgroen (Acid green) / Okergeel (Yellow ochre) / Roze (Pink) / Hemelsblauw (Sky blue) / Violet (Violet)
They can be performed in any combination between two and six movements – always more than one, and always overlapping, since the idea of the piece is to create colour blends in the transitions between the movements.