Four Gardens for vibraphone (2014, 6’)

First performance: Hartberg/Austria, Gartenatelier bellabayer, July 12th 2014, by Arnold Marinissen (vibraphone)

Four Gardens is a piece for solo vibraphone, in four connected parts. The work invokes the mood of a warm summer evening in a quiet garden.
Four Gardens was created for performance as a tape piece, for the occasion of the 2014 edition of the annual Garten und Kunst Festival at bellabayer, Hartberg/Austria. The work sounded at a central position in the bellabayer garden throughout the festival weekend, together with a variety of other sound positions, all spread out through the big and multifaceted garden.
The piece was revised in September 2016, and can now be performed as a concert piece. However, it maintains the warmth and the sense of timelessness of the original version.