Fingerprints for six percussionists in any combination (2014, 40’)

First performance: The Netherlands/Croatia, between October 5th 2013 and November 9th 2014, by Slagwerk Den Haag (Joey Marijs, Niels Meliefste, Fedor Teunisse, Pepe García Rodríguez & Frank Wienk) and Alexandre Esperet

At Arnold Marinissen's request, five players of Slagwerk Den Haag plus Alexandre Esperet each selected ten of their most loved sounds. The sounding objects are percussion instruments, household items, anything the players found suitable. The ten sounds together form a very personal instrument which no other percussionist
would ever play. For those instruments, and based on his perception of the individual ways of playing, Arnold Marinissen composed six pieces which could
bombastically be called fingerprints of each player's musical identity: Fingerprints I-VI.
Fingerprints was created with support from the Fonds Podiumkunsten.