Extremely Unfavorable for soprano (2009, 3’) text by Geshe Rabten

First performance: Nijmegen/The Netherlands, Theater Het Badhuis, October 30th 2010, by Jennifer van der Hart, for Wintertuin

Extremely Unfavorable was written in December 2009 for the Dutch singer Helena Rasker, in the context of the artists collective Green Desert, which had regular meetings in that period.
The piece is a setting of a text by Geshe Rabten. The text was chosen for the Green Desert collaborative project around artists, philosophers and scientists expressing similar things in different ways, after Thomas McFarlane’s book The Parallel Sayings.
While in Extremely Unfavorable the melody jumps all across the entire register of the soprano, the tempo is very slow, and the mood very calm. The composer thus hopes to give the singer the chance to caressingly explore all corners of her voice - in Rabten’s words, to provide her with ‘encouragement for the accomplishment of [her vocal] practice’.