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(Concertello Records CR007): Katharina Gross and Luca Lucini perform Marinissen’s Mestre Claudinei

THINGS ARE PERFECT (Concertello Records CR006): Katharina Gross performs works form The Cello Songbook for cello and voice, by Marinissen and Gross

RIB SONG (Concertello Records CR004): single CD; Katharina Gross performs Rib Song from The Cello Songbook, by Marinissen and Gross

LUNAPARK - A BEAUTIFUL BED TO LIED DOWN IN (M Recordings/CRS): Works by Piet-Jan van Rossum, Louis Andriessen, Arnold Marinissen, Dugal McKinnon, Anthony Fiumara and Florian Magnus Maier

LUNAPARK - FLIM (lp records 001): Works by Michael Chant, Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, Michael Gordon, Arnold Marinissen, David Lang and Anthony Fiumara

TRACES OF CULTURES (BVHaast 030): werken van Javier Alvarez / Gunter Lege / Christopher Fox / Kevin Volans / Claude Vivier

LAYERED RHYTHMS (BVHaast 0503): werken van Iannis Xenakis / Willem Boogman / John Cage / Brian Ferneyhough / Margriet Hoenderdos / Elliott Carter

PERCUSSIONIST SONGS (BVHaast 0904-1004): werken van Arnold Marinissen / Kees van Kooten / Stuart Saunders Smith / Ron Ford / Michael Norris / Christian Wolff / John Cage

WORKS FOR PERCUSSION (bestel via e-mail): werken van John Cage / Iannis Xenakis / Javier Alvarez / Rozalie Hirs / Brian Ferneyhough / Arnold Marinissen / Willem Boogman / Michel van der Aa / Kevin Volans

EDGES (bestel via e-mail): DVD met EDGES van Christina Viola Oorebeek en Ester Eva Damen